Fishing in Niagara River

Catch and Release Fishing Pros and Cons

A catch and release fishing method is often used by anglers in sportfishing activities. It’s becoming more popular in North America due to its various fishing spots and exciting huge fish species you can catch. However, despite these fun recreational adventures, the pros and cons behind them will actually give you some awareness. What are catch and release fishing? Catch …

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Family Fishing at Niagara

Family Fishing in Niagara River: When is the Perfect Time to Fish?

“A family that fish together stays together.” Researchers show that people say the pinnacle encounters in their lives are overwhelmingly identified with recreational activities with relatives. At the same time, other studies show that when married or young couples share leisure time, they tend to have more satisfying marriages. Family recreation is significant for children for their healthy development. Families …

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Sportsfishing in St. Catharines

Sportfishing Safety Tips When in St. Catharines

Sportfishing trips in St. Catharines, everybody would love to try are safe all the time. Sometimes, a happy fishing experience turns into an issue. Accidents and injuries may happen while you’re on the board. The reason why we provided this article as your safety guide when you go on fishing trips. Here are the top safety tips you must apply …

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fishing in Niagara river

Guide on How to Choose the Finest Fishing Charter in Niagara

Customers must search for the best fishing charters to experience the sportfishing activity; mostly, you will find numerous competitive Niagara charters. When choosing the right charters, you can also create memorable moments with captains. Another advantage, it will be worth it to spend your money no matter what the prices maybe. The biggest question asked by many; How to choose …

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Sportsfishing equipments

Freshwater Fishing vs. Saltwater Fishing – Sportfishing Guide in Niagara River

One of the practical techniques of sportfishing in Niagara is picking the best fishing spots. We mentioned various locations in the recently published article in Spot Locations for Sportfishing Experience in Ontario. If you are confused about what type of water is suitable for fishing, take time to read this. Now, we will discuss the difference between freshwater fishing and …

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Sports fishing equipments

Niagara Fish Assassins: Sport fishing in Niagara River Q&A

In western countries, sport fishing is one of the most popular activities done on the shores, especially in the Niagara River. Many fish hunters explore the well-known fishing spot to discover species. The most exciting part, the fishes they have caught usually fight them back, making it harder to see. If you’re a beginner in sport fishing, it is essential …

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Fishing on Niagara

Types of Fishing Baits and Lures to Have a Big Catch

One of the most effective sportfishing techniques is using appropriate fishing lures and baits. It may also depend on the species and locations when you go for sports fishing. Its primary purpose is to attract a specific form of fish and trap them with your baited hooks. Moreover, there are two common types of fishing traps that you can put …

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