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Different Fishing Types and Method Used in Hunting Aquatic Species

Various fishing methods are used for outdoor recreational activities. Some of these are challenging, and they require a lot of knowledge and strategies to master the fishing skill. The most typical fishing technique that you can see is angling. It is the easiest way to learn; you thrust need to know the basics of tying fishing knots and fixing your rods.

Here are the different fishing types and methods

Commercial type

Fishing with profits, commonly known as commercial fishing. They catch a ton of fish to sell and earn money. The caught fish are usually seen on wet markets and grocery establishments.

  • Mid trawling – this fishing method involves using trawls or nets. They drop off the said fishing equipment when the bycatch is low.
  • Bottom trawling – it refers to catching various fish in a deep shallow sea or ocean. They dragged the fishing equipment to the seabed to make sure the fish were being caught.
  • Explosive fishing – the most dangerous yet destructive fishing methods used by fishermen violators. Explosive fishing equipment such as dynamites and bombs kills tons of fishes and destroys coral reefs as well.
  • Trapping – a fishing method used when hunting for crabs, lobster, clams, and other shellfish. It refers to trapping the shellfish by using cages or woven-made baskets.

Traditional type

A type of fishing where they adopt from the ancestors from the past centuries. Homo-sapiens generally use it during the Stone Age, and some methods are still practiced now.

  • Spearfishing – using the sharp spear attached to the end of a long pole, spearfishing is used to impale fish. This kind of fishing method involves throwing the spear by hand and shooting by spear gun or thrusting.
  • Bow fishing – the oldest form of fishing style. Like spearfishing, which has a sharp end to it, bow fishing uses arrows and bows to hunt fish instead of a spear.
  • Hand fishing – without using any sharp fishing equipment, hand fishing involves catching fish with your bare hands.

Recreational type

Unlike commercial fishing and hunting for food resources, this type of fishing only catches for fun. It involves hunting for species and is done with “catch and release” in popular fishing spots. Popularly known as sportfishing.

  • Angling – the most common fishing method used by sport fishers. It merely attaches hooks and lures to a fishing rod to attract fishes.
  • Fly fishing – a fishing method that involves using artificial baits to lure fish species. The advantage of this method, it can apply to any water, whether in freshwaters or salt waters.
  • Kite fishing – the unique style of the fishing method commonly used in the Pacific Islands. It uses a kite to carry the lures and troll them around. Kite fishing can be applied when other areas in fishing spots are not reachable.
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