Best Sportsfishing Tips when going to St. Catharines

Sportsfishing in St. Catharines, everybody would love to try are safe all the time. Sometimes, a happy fishing experience turns into an issue. Accidents and injuries may happen while you’re on the board. The reason why we provided this article as your safety guide when you go on fishing trips. Here are the top safety tips you must apply to prevent unpleasant circumstances.

Top Safety Tips When Going to Sportfishing Trips in St. Catharines

1. Pay attention to the current weather conditions.

One of the day’s worst enemies deals with unpleasant conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, thunderstorms, and lightning strikes. Be updated to the current weather conditions to avoid rescheduling or cancellations. You can get the weather forecast either by watching the news or searching it on the internet. With Niagara Fish Assassins you will get more detailed things of what to bring and what to do so you can enjoy Sportsfishing in St. Catharines.

2. Always listen to your captain and boat crews.

Not only for giving expert advice in fishing strategies but also they are present on the board to guide your safety as well. You must follow the instructions provided by your captain or crewmates to avoid tragic accidents and injuries. Additionally, you should also comply with the boat regulations when you’re, especially to that individual who suffers from vertigo sickness. Meet the captains of Niagara Fish Assassins, Captain Mark, Captain Devin, Captain Bob, and Captain Connor. 

3. Dress appropriately in your sportfishing trips.

Wearing swimsuits on the board for sportfishing trips may not sound a good idea. You can get abrasions whenever you have a big fight with your caught fish. Dresses can also give you an uncomfortable feeling because of strong winds. Making it sense, you must wear appropriately, such as rash guards, tank tops, or comfy T-shirts. Niagara Fish Assassins before going on the trip will advise any of the guests what to bring onboard.

4. Wear protection during your sportfishing trips.

It’s necessary to protect your skin during your salt or freshwater trips. Apply sunblock lotions on your skin and wear safety gears. Moreover, caps and sunglasses can also give you some pleasant vision during a bright day.

5. Know the locations of onboard safety equipment and kits.

Just in case something happened while you’re on the board, you know the exact locations of this safety equipment and first aid kits. For example, the boat where you’re in suddenly sank, the emergency lifebuoy will save you from drowning. Another usual scenario is getting a deep cut from the fishing hooks; first aid kits will give you a temporary treatment.

6. Avoid bringing alcohol, drugs, and flammable materials.

Never go fishing if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your life is at high risk, and you may get out of balance while fighting with your caught huge fishes. Plus, alcohol and drugs also impact your attention and motor skills so that you may get slipped on the board.

Join the fun! Sportsfishing in St. Catharines

It’s essential to be safe during your sportfishing trips. You’re in good hands when you choose Niagara Fish Assassins. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at (289) 668-2543, or you can fill up a form to leave your inquiry at our website contact page. Visit our fishing charters in Ontario on the following locations: