Every fishing charter in Ontario equips the finest sportfishing chartered boat. It would be best if you learned about their differences and the pros and cons of their features. As a customer, you have the right to choose the best that will give you a safe, secure, and good experience while you’re on fishing trips. Here are the four most common recreational fishing boat you can see.

4 Types of Sportfishing Chartered Boats

1. Convertible Boats 

Image Source: Curtis Strokes

Most convertible boats are often considered top-notch sportfishing charter boats as they have a spacious living area, comfortable restrooms, and durable power engines. They are customizable. You can transform it whether a serious sportfishing boat, luxurious cruise vessels, or you can do them both. They can handle the maximum capacity of six persons, including the captain on the subjected boat. Suitable only on offshore fishing spots.

Pros of Convertible Boats

  • Highly customizable
  • Spacious living rooms
  • Comforting restrooms
  • Powerful engines
  • Excellent interior amenities

Cons of Convertible Boats

  • convertible boats may compromise some high-end features

2. Catamaran Boats

Image Source: Leopard Catamarans

Catamaran boats provide double hulls and often use in offshore fishing. The two hulls offer better stability and fuel efficiency in rough weather than traditional monohulled vessels. Usually, the regular catamarans have 25–60 feet long, handling six to fifty persons, including the captain.

Pros of Catamaran Boats

  • It can be luxurious and convenient.
  • Offer plenty of comfortable rooms.
  • Aerodynamic, they don’t consume too much power.
  • More stable compared to other boats

Cons of Catamaran Boats

  • Slow speed than other recreational chartered boats

3. Center Console Boats

Image Source: I year of helping others 

If you’re looking for a boat where you can make a carefree move without getting troubled in tangling with your fishing lines, center console boats can be the best recreational fishing charter boat. This type of boat will offer you excellent visibility and greater mobility. Depending on the size of the boat, it can occupy four to six-person plus the captain. Perfect for inshore, offshore, and nearshore fishing.

Pros of center console boats

  • They have greater flexibility in any fishing shore spot.
  • Cheaper to operate, unlike other bulky offshore boats.
  • Offers 360° fishability movement on the boat.

Cons of center console boats

  • Center console boats don’t have enough shades from the sun
  • It does not have air conditioners and other weather protection
  • Lesser comforts, unlike others. 
  • Sometimes, they do not have a restroom.

4. Bay Boats

Image Source Bay Boat 

Anglers widely use bay boats in inshore, nearshore, backcountry, and bay fishing spots. They contain higher freeboards that are versatile enough to withstand any unpleasant weather conditions. Its standard length size measure from 18-23 feet can accommodate four persons on the boat, additional for the captain. 

Pros of bay boats

  • Suitable for unstable weather conditions.
  • Provide storage, higher sides, and seating
  • User-friendly, increased visibility.
  • Deeper hull

Cons of bay boats

  • Not perfect for offshore fishing.
  • We don’t have polling platforms.
  • Unaccessible for shallow waters
  • Sometimes it does not have shades,

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