Catch and release fishing plays an essential role when it comes to recreational fishing activities. Adhering to this fishing method creates a positive impact on the preservation of the native fish species. Its primary purpose primarily to allow the fish to remain and expand their population in the ecosystem.

It is not only for the fish and the ecosystem, but it also allows other anglers to enjoy recreational fishing. Also, it is a way to keep the fish population for the next modern generation. 

Before the catch and release fishing

Know the fishing regulations in your localities. Most fishing charters establish catch and release fishing regulations by setting the limitations during the catch.

When taking recreational fishing, be aware of these possible situations to increase the fish’s survival rate.

Catch and Release Fishing: Tackle preparation

Catch and Release Fishing: Landing the fish

Catch and Release Fishing: Handling the fish

Catch and Release Fishing: Removing the hook

Catch and Release Fishing: Releasing the fish

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