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Preparation Tips for Your Sportfishing Trip

Sportfishing preparation tips to make your trip exciting and enjoyable

Here are some Sport fishing preparation tips that you absolutely have to read before going on a Sport fishing trip. Sportfishing trips are one of the most exciting outdoor activities to take, especially this coming spring and summer in Niagara River or St. Catharine. But what’s more, if you are fully prepared, from packing your things up to wearing appropriate sportfishing attire. Just in case this question pops up in your mind; “Why is it necessary to get prepared for my sportfishing trip?”. Here are some essential factors to keep in your mind:

  • For the sake of your safety and security purposes – unpredictable accidents and injuries might happen during your sportfishing trip, so it’s better to become ready for possible circumstances than to end up with terrible regrets.
  • Protection against numerous weather elements – weather and climates are always unstable. The wind patterns, extreme sun temperature, strong water waves, and unexpected rain can affect your sportfishing experience.
  • Preparation for your potential seasickness – this is common to all anglers, most likely to the starters. So if you are one of the first-timers, better to pack medications before riding fishing charter boats. Don’t let your seasickness destroy your sportfishing experience,
  • Maintain your good vibes with comfortable feelings – the comfortable and confidence level will give you a positive vibe when you can do whatever you want with your carefree actions.

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Guide lists of preparation tips for your sportfishing trips

What to wear on my sportfishing trip?

Don’t wear inappropriate sportfishing attire such as:

  • Flip-flops – avoid wearing flip-flops to prevent accidental slide causing potential mild to severe injury. Keep in mind that some fishing charter boats are not safe as they get slippery when wet.
  • Fitted pants – your precious pants will get wet due to the large splashes when the big catch is on. Plus, it will give you limited movements making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Swimsuits are going to the middle of salt or freshwaters, not in the seashores, and riding on a classic fishing charter boat, not in a luxurious superyacht. Wear accordingly!
  • Dresses – it’s not ideal for wearing a dress on your sportfishing trips in St. Catherines or Niagara River. Don’t try to impress just to attract and catch big-time fishes.

Must wear appropriate sportfishing attire such as:

  • Simple Tshirts – we recommend you to wear shirts with bright colors. Sun rays reflect on your shirts to make you feel relaxed during extreme weather.
  • Tropical wear shorts or pants – wear loose tropical bottom attires so you can move comfortably, breathable, and carefree.
  • Sneakers or rubber shoes – choose footwears that are flat, non-skid, and rubber-soled shoes to keep you safe when you encounter a big fight with fishes.
  • Caps or hats – keep your head cool during the daytime, plus it adds shades to see clearer under the bright sun rays.
  • Polarized sunglasses – don’t let your eyes get distracted from strong sunlight. Using protective polarized sunglasses is a must!
  • Fishing gloves – protect your hands from getting hurt with line cuts and sharp objects.

What to bring on my sportfishing trip?

  • Seasickness medications – always bring prescribed medicines for your seasickness and vertigo attacks.
  • Sunblock lotions – apply sunblock lotions to your face, hand, and other exposed skin to prevent getting itchy sunburns.
  • Alcohol or hand sanitizers – fishes, are usually left smelly odors on your hands.
  • Food and drinks – get your energy-filled mood, stay hydrated all the time, especially during your sportfishing trip! Bring a lot of snacks and drinks!
  • Waterproof cameras – don’t miss an unforgettable sport fishing experience with your fam or buddies, so take plenty of pictures in every single moment of your trip!

So while your office building is getting some renovation, why not take your employees on a sport fishing trip for the mean time?

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Taking a sport fishing trip in St. Catherine

Get your packs up, ready your fishing license, and wear appropriate clothes for a safe sportfishing experience in Catherine. Choosing Niagara Fish Assassins will provide you a luxurious chartered boat with comfy spaces. Book and schedule your appointment today by giving them a call at (289) 668-2543. You can also visit their following fishing charter locations in Ontario: