The perfect time for Family Fishing in Niagara River

“A family that fish together stays together.” Researchers show that people say the pinnacle encounters in their lives are overwhelmingly identified with recreational activities with relatives. At the same time, other studies show that when married or young couples share leisure time, they tend to have more satisfying marriages. Family recreation is significant for children for their healthy development. Families who participate in recreation together may help feel the value of each other.

We at Niagara Fish Assassins understand the importance of bringing modern families closer together by providing outdoor recreational activities that all family members can enjoy through fishing at the finest fishing spots. The Niagara River flows north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The stretch among Grimsby and Olcott New York is quite possibly the most predictable makers of Trophy King Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Brown Trout in the Great Lakes.

Family Fishing in Niagara River

The Niagara River is among the most publicized fishing spots in the northeast. It stretches some five miles out due to tons of silt and sand flowing out into the Lake Ontario from the Niagara River, forming a sandbar that varies in depth from 15 out to 80 feet and then a one 150 foot drop off. The big attraction for fish is the Niagara Bar because of its structure, and it currently holds a variety of baitfish.

Family Fishing in Lake Ontario

Whether you’re a seasoned expert, a weekend warrior, or a novice fisherman looking to get your first line, Lake Ontario and its magnificent tributaries offer up four seasons of angling excitement. This great lake, and its feeding water resources, are teeming with fish.

It is one of the consistent producers of Trophy King Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Brown Trout. Lake Ontario fishing also offers smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye and muskellunge, even yellow perch, and panfish. There is a species here for you to experience firsthand to share with family and friends.

When is the perfect time to fish with family?

Family fishing between April to June

 Spring fishing with your family at its best! As the spring sun warms the coastal waters, it draws the baitfish near shore to spawn, and the gamefish tallow to nourish them. Savaging with planer loads up or downriggers with spoons, body baits, and the occasional bait plug, salmon and trout abound this time. Aside from finding the perfect time to fish with your family in the Niagara River, it is also important to know the Niagara river fishing spots

Lake Trout, Brown Trout, and King Salmon all move within a half-mile of shore and are caught in large numbers. Indeed a great trip after the long winter that the whole family will enjoy!!

Family fishing during May

King fishing off the Niagara river is unlike anywhere else in Lake Ontario, with limit catches of Kings from 10-25 lbs. The Niagara River is a unique feature that stacks and holds thousands of hungry salmon and trout that are caught trolling and jigging with many baits.

Family fishing between July to semi-August

This season is best for deepwater fishing with your family for leaping Steelhead and line screaming Kings. You may also encounter a large school of Big Browns and Lake Trout school up along the Niagara Bar inshore. Do you want to catch your trophy?? This is surely the best chance for a Trophy Lake Ontario Steelhead!

Family fishing between Mid August to September

KINGS! KINGS! KINGS! Kings or Chinook Salmon begin to stage or school up outside the river’s mouth in arrangements for their fall spawning run. There is no better opportunity to catch the enormous number of trophy Kings in 25-35lbs class. There is a 5fish limit on Kings.

Family fishing between September to October

This is a season where you can see mature Kings and lots of one to three-year-old salmons with a rainbow above you! As mature age Salmon begin to stack and stage off river mouths, their silver sides turn olive to crimson, angling near shore and fast-paced.

Fish are found in the river current flows and can be in 50 feet of water offshore of their rivers the next. As this cat and mouse game for captains and anglers continues, the techniques can involve magnum-sized spoons, dodgers, flies, and magnum plugs.

The final push for the spawning fish and Niagara Fish Assassins will always be right there to lead you to trophy Kings and Coho right down to the last possible runs that have entered the rivers.

So, come on out and chase a screamer salmon while admiring the fall breeze and the aging grapes in the vineyard ready to be made into Niagara wines. Plus the fantastic fall colors on the trees with your family and friends! We promise it’s a beautiful fishing trip with your family you will never forget nor will ever regret!

Family fishing in Niagara

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